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As a business leader or Entrepreneur you are working to build a successful business. Do you need access to capital or financing to grow your business? Join our Presidential Club to receive our emails and request your list of locations for Investor’s Events. These are excellent events if you are raising capital, or would like to meet and network with others. You may even have the opportunity to give your Elevator Pitch! Some Investor Events are free while others charge a nominal entrance fee.

Dream Tank USA believes each entrepreneur should have the opportunity to position themselves for growth. We understand that in some cases the perfect fit is to partner with a company like Shark Tank, there are many companies who play on this platform.

Here are a few of these companies:

  • Pitch tank
  • Guppy tank
  • Piranha tank
  • Make Me a Millionaire
  • Disney Accelerator
  • The Profit

  • Startup Weekend
  • Blue Collar Millionaires
  • Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch
  • Up Pitch

Attend an Open Call for ABC’s Shark Tank

Attend an Open Call where you will be given the opportunity to do a 1-minute pitch of your business/product/idea to a member of the Casting Team.

The Walt Disney Company Announces Third Year of Startup Accelerator Program

The Walt Disney Company announced that it is accepting applications for its third Disney Accelerator, a program designed to accelerate the growth of startup companies from around the world.

Every Business Can Make a Difference

Dream Tank USA members will receive an additional 10% to the charity or nonprofit of your choice. Every business can make a difference.

Dream Tank USA helps support local communities across the country!

Through the power of philanthropy and empowering small businesses across the country, Dream Tank USA is changing lives every day for the better. We truly believe every business can make a difference.

Turn Your Dreams and Ideas into Reality!

Have a product or idea you think would be a great fit for the Shark Tank TV Show? If it’s a good fit, we will help you make it a reality. The mass production particular of Henry Ford, the creative inventiveness of Thomas Edison and the magic of Walt Disney!

Insider’s Guide for Business Credit

Building a strong business credit profile is the foundation for your comany’s longevity and success, without business credibility it becomes difficult to attract Investors, partners or financial institutions to invest in your vision. Join our Presidential Club, turn your dreams into a reality! Join and receive our emails and request your copy of Seven Steps to Building Business Credit, and learn how to separate your personal credit from your business credit. The benefits of establishing a business score is used when deciding credit lines, credit cards, leasing equipment, loans and the interest rate you pay on the loans, the premiums you pay for workman’s compensation, and the payment terms your vendor extends to you.

Every business can make a difference


Discover how you can give up to 20% to the non-profit or charity of your choice with every credit card processed at no cost to you. Contact to learn more.

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